AstaReal® L10 – a high quality astaxanthin oil extract, which contains 10% natural astaxanthin. This form is ideal for softgel capsules, personal care products, and instant drinks.  AstaReal® L10 is now non-GMO Project verified!
NGP Verified Seal


AstaReal® P2AF – a high quality astaxanthin powdered extract, which contains 2% P2AFnatural astaxanthin and has been designed to fill multiple roles to better serve the dietary supplement industry. In addition to being an all-vegetable formula, AstaReal® P2AF is directly compressible, cold water dispersible, very stable, flowable and free of the major allergens as identified by the FDA. This form is ideal for two piece capsules, tablets, powdered drinks, nutritional bars and more.


AstaReal® CLEAR100 – a high quality, 1% water soluble form of astaxanthin extract. It is expertly designed to be used in ready to drink beverages for both the food and dietary supplement markets. AstaReal® CLEAR100 provides a crystal clear addition of astaxanthin to any beverage system with no signs of separation as well as maintaining excellent stability. This form is ideal for liquid supplements, ready to drink beverages, cosmetic and personal care formulations, gummy supplement formulations and more.


AstaReal® Softgels – produced with our premium AstaReal® L10, bulk softgels are available in various potencies and custom formulas are available.