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The worlds leading producer and innovator of natural astaxanthin.

New Product Offering


Yestimun® Beta-Glucan

Yestimun® is a fine, spray-dried powder with no taste or odour of its own. This dispersible ingredient can be used in functional food or food supplements and can be applied in both dry or liquid formulations.

Why AstaReal

AstaReal® is the global pioneer of natural astaxanthin. With over 160 studies, 80 of those human clinical on AstaReal's® Astaxanthin alone, we promise only the highest grade natural astaxanthin for you and your customers.
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Finalist Nutra Ingredients USA 2019

Ingredient of the Year
Sports Nutrition

Finalist Nutra Ingredients ASIA 2022

Ingredient of the Year
Cognitive Function

Finalist Nutra Ingredients 2023

Ingredient of the Year
Beauty from Within

Finalist Nutra Ingredients 2024

Ingredient of the Year
Sports Nutrition

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