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About Us

Our Story

AstaReal, Inc. is the world’s first producer of commercial natural astaxanthin and a subsidiary to the parent pharmaceutical company, Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. in Toyama, Japan. AstaReal is responsible for building the scientific foundation that made the natural astaxanthin industry possible. It is the only brand of natural astaxanthin supported by 80 human clinical studies. AstaReal brings you a team of globally recognized astaxanthin experts, providing a 360° service including R&D, product development, and marketing support. 

Our natural astaxanthin is grown and harvested in Moses Lake, Washington, USA. Our unique closed indoor manufacturing process uses 100% renewable hydroelectric energy. AstaReal’s process is founded on pharmaceutical principles; employing the highest quality standards and supplying a consistent product that you can trust.  

As the global demand for natural astaxanthin continues to grow, we will continue to be fully dedicated to ensuring the supply of premium, natural astaxanthin products. Our leadership in the astaxanthin industry ensures that food and supplement brands have the attention and support they need to bring effective products to market quickly and successfully.  

Our mission

Our mission is to bring better health and well-being to people around the world. For over 35 years, AstaReal® has been the proven choice for leading supplement, cosmetic, functional food and animal nutrition brands globally.

At AstaReal, we believe it is important to develop astaxanthin products that unlock its true potential, and to deliver cutting edge functional nutrition products to you. This will allow more people to realize the potential of natural astaxanthin, and help them to achieve their health management and preventative care goals.

The AstaReal team has always been proactive about investing in research and development as part of a long-term investment strategy. This is because we truly believe that if astaxanthin is going to bring about a new paradigm in health management and prevention, then it must be backed by a solid foundation of scientific evidence. By standing on a strong scientific foundation, AstaReal can aim higher and make natural astaxanthin available to the world, so that everyone can experience the benefits of AstaReal® Astaxanthin and live happier and healthier lives.

Moses Lake health challenge: AstaReal provided natural astaxanthin to members of the Moses Lake community as part of a 90-day challenge to help the community achieve their health and wellness goals.

Our Sustainability Goals

As purveyors of the remarkable nature-inspired nutrient, astaxanthin, AstaReal aims to be stewards of the environment and to support our local community. Our Moses Lake facility is powered by renewable hydroelectric energy, takes up a small land footprint, and applies responsible water use management practices. Our colleagues at AstaReal AB in Sweden are equally driven to adopt sustainable practices and policies, and have achieved 100% climate-neutral electricity. We believe that if we all make a contribution, we can effect big change together, and we are committed to doing our part.

The AstaReal Difference

The Global Pioneer

The first company in the world to commercially produce natural astaxanthin - AstaReal® is the only brand backed by 35 years of 
research and innovation.

The Leading Expert

AstaReal is an expert in natural astaxanthin cultivation, R&D, and clinical science. Our team of thought leaders and astaxanthin aficionados can guide and support you from concept to market.

The Authority in Human Clinical Studies

The only brand of natural astaxanthin backed by over 80 human clinical studies.

Unrivaled Product Quality

Two state of the art, in-door production sites in the USA and Sweden producing a consistent and stable supply of natural astaxanthin products with unrivaled levels of product quality and purity. AstaReal® is USP, Non-GMO, ISO, HACCP, Halal, and Kosher certified, and has approved Health Canada claims.

Truly International

Our partners benefit from access to talented, high performance local teams of technical, marketing, and regulatory experts with an in-depth knowledge of your target region.

Be You, Just Healthier

The AstaReal group has established other initiatives that are in line with our corporate philosophy of making the world healthier with natural astaxanthin. These include community health and wellness programs, a global symposium focusing on natural astaxanthin and sponsorship grants for groups and individuals.

Made in the USA

From cultivation to extraction, AstaReal® Astaxanthin is made in the USA to ensure the best quality and traceability. Our proprietary closed, indoor cultivation technique is unique to the industry and the only one of its kind in North America.


Toyama Fuji Facility

AstaReal’s manufacturing process is rooted in the pharmaceutical standard of our parent company, Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. In Toyama, Japan. Our mission is to enable everyone in the global community to experience the benefits of natural astaxanthin so that they may live happier, healthier lives.

Grow with us.

USA — AstaReal Inc.
  • Sales & Marketing Office
  • 3 Terri Lane, Unit 12 Burlington, NJ 08016
  • (609) 699-6067
  • (609) 386-3033 - fax
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • 7761 Randolph Rd. NE Moses Lake, WA 98837
  • (509) 855-4370
  • (509) 765-9073 - fax
Sweden — AstaReal AB
  • AstaReal AB
  • Forumvägen 14, 16 tr. 131 53 Nacka SWEDEN
  • +46 (0) 8 5701 3950
  • +46 (0) 8 5701 3951 - fax
Japan — AstaReal Co., Ltd. Headquarters
  • AstaReal Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Fudosan Onarimon Tower 10th Floor, 1-1-1 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
  • +81-3-5408-1129
  • +81-5408-1126 - fax

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