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AstaReal Network
of Sports Nutrition

Inspiring industry-academia-public relationship

About ANSN

Founded in 2023 by AstaReal Group, the AstaReal Network of Sports Nutrition (ANSN) is a for-profit, corporate member-supported, global “Research Collaboration Community” aiming at bridging the gap between scientific discoveries about astaxanthin and their practical application in enhancing athletic performance, recovery, and overall sports nutrition.

ANSN fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation to advance the field, and ultimately improve the health and performance of athletes and active individuals. The network provides a collegial community that adheres to ethical research standards and works towards common objectives aligned with the network’s vision and mission.


Establishing recommendations for the practical application of astaxanthin in sports nutrition by engaging astaxanthin researchers and increasing the number of published studies available on astaxanthin in sports nutrition.


Fostering a scientific community that empowers health by facilitating quality research that translates astaxanthin science into effective sports nutrition recommendations accessible to all.

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