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The research and development team can also work to develop new applications and uses of the product.


For more traditional delivery systems including softgels, hard capsules, liquid capsules, and tablets. AstaReal provides finished softgels, and can advise on stability, formulation, and packaging for all capsule formats.

Customer Experience

AstaReal generously provided a significant amount of high quality information and content to help support us in the building of an online platform and messaging for our 6mg TrueAsta. We have great confidence in AstaReal’s quality, science and people. Most important, many of our customers are happy with the benefits they experience and feel with AstaReal.
Carl Pradelli, CEO & President, NatureCity
AstaReal worked with me to provide a custom softgel formulation that is unique in the market. They also contributed extensive technical marketing information and partnered with me on several co-marketing campaigns to educate the public on natural astaxanthin. AstaReal is a valued partner.
Dr. Michael Lange O.D., C.N.S., Founder of Fortifeye Vitamins, CEO at The Lange Eye Institute (The Villages), Radio Host at "Ask the Dr."

Powder Mix

For ready-to-mix applications our cold water dispersible astaxanthin has excellent flowability and dispersion.

Customer Experience

I love working with AstaReal because I know I will get the support I need to successfully develop astaxanthin products. They have invested in science and know it inside and out. AstaReal’s cold water dispersible astaxanthin works like a charm and I have used it effectively it in several formulations now on the market. I am an AstaReal fan!
Devin Kummer, Formulation Scientist at Prinova Group
I’ve worked with several natural astaxanthin powders and none dispersed as well as AstaReal® CWS25. AstaReal’s quality product and technical support helped me succeed in my beauty product development project.
P.K., Product Development / R&D

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For increasingly popular gelatin and pectin astaxanthin gummies. AstaReal can advise on process, stability, flavoring, and packaging with multiple AstaReal product options to suit your needs.

Customer Experience

Working with AstaReal to develop a new dietary supplement gummy has been a fantastic experience. The technical expertise they demonstrate through their prototype development program made it easy to develop a great product. Their willingness to share research and development insight was immensely helpful to troubleshooting prototypes. Their team worked closely with me and gave me a deeper understanding of their product that was key to the success of my project. Both Astareal’s products and service as a supplier are first class.
Tom Getz, Research and Development Scientist at Bettera Brands LLC


Astaxanthin with mild flavor for liquid droppers, beverages, and tonics. AstaReal can provide information on stability and suggestions for formulation, flavoring, and packaging.

Customer Experience

I chose AstaReal because it was presented as the best and most reliable source of Astaxanthin. Many other credible brands use AstaReal Astaxanthin. I was able to receive amazing product, product information, and connect with amazing people. The process with AstaReal has been one of the smoothest. They provided education and made sure everything was clear and taken care of. The AstaReal team was all wiling to help.
Miranda Li, Founder of Rōzes Beauty Supplements

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For irresistible astaxanthin chocolates. Finished quick-to-market solution available.

Customer Experience

I have worked together with the AstaReal team to develop a delicious astaxanthin chocolate truffle. The team was clearly experienced in chocolate products and were able to advise on astaxanthin forms and formulations. I am very pleased with our work together and the final product. AstaReal material was of excellent quality and their expertise around the ingredient was a real value add and saved me time.
Bob Settineri, Biomedical Research Consultant at Sierra Productions.

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Solutions available for both lipid- and water-based formulations. Benefits based on AstaReal studies using topical applications.

Customer Experience

We used water soluble astaxanthin from other suppliers; however, none of them were thoroughly water soluble as claimed by the suppliers. We brought our question to AstaReal and they guided us through to a solution using AstaReal CLEAR100, which allowed us to substantially improve an existing product and opened new product opportunities for us. We are very satisfied with AstaReal products and services.
Dr. M.N., Principal Formulation Chemist / R&D Director

Pet Chew

Flavored astaxanthin soft chews for companion animals. Finished quick-to-market solution available.

Customer Experience

The AstaReal team worked closely with us from concept through to product development and co-marketing post launch. They truly were key partners in the success of this innovative dog chew launch. Their expertise and level of service was exemplary, and we are excited about our future with AstaReal.
Kerri DaSilva, Director of Marketing at Ark Naturals Company
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