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study participants perform leg presses while study researchers observe

Research Reveals AstaReal® Astaxanthin Fights DOMS

Astaxanthin has previously been shown to have benefits for endurance-trained athletes, but new research from Dr. Hunter Waldman’s lab at the University of North Alabama has now put astaxanthin to the test in resistance-trained athletes. This is the first-ever study demonstrating the benefits of astaxanthin for resistance-trained athletes, and the first interventional study showing that […]

Marathoners running on asphalt towards the viewer with only legs visible.

Astaxanthin: The Rising Star in Sports Nutrition

Astaxanthin is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about ingredients among sports nutrition researchers. Nutritionists, formulators, and supplement brands, take note. If you’re involved in creating or recommending sports nutrition solutions, astaxanthin should be on your radar. It’s not just a passing trend; backed by over 15 human clinical studies using AstaReal branded Astaxanthin. In […]

Women's face in profile with glowing skin against a sky blue background

The Power of Astaxanthin: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Perspective

In the burgeoning field of integrative dermatology, healthcare practitioners are continually exploring innovative approaches to patient care. Among the array of natural substances making a significant impact is astaxanthin, a formidable antioxidant that has garnered attention for its potential benefits in skin health. Dr. Jessica Maloh N.D., an expert in integrative dermatology at Integrative Skin […]

Mike speaking to seated men in a locker room

Tune into The Flex Diet Podcast for 2x the Astaxanthin content

Dr. Mike T Nelson is an extreme human performance specialist, a fitness and nutrition educator, researcher, speaker, and host of The Flex Diet Podcast. Mike recently hosted not one, but two podcasts about astaxanthin for exercise and performance nutrition. On episode 226, Dr. Hunter Waldman from the University of North Alabama, spoke to Mike about […]

woman on stationary bike wearing a heart monitor.

Cardiometabolic Benefits with AstaReal® Astaxanthin

New Study Shows AstaReal® Astaxanthin Can Help Kickstart an Exercise Program. A study led by Dr. Hunter Waldman at the University of North Alabama showed that supplementation with 12 mg/day AstaReal® Astaxanthin for 4 weeks lowered heart rate and carbohydrate oxidation levels in overweight individuals during exercise. Results of the 2017-2018 survey by the Division […]

woman with red umbrella

Immunomodulatory effect of astaxanthin on oral mucosal immunity

by Karen Hecht, Ph.D. Pathogens taking advantage of inhalation and ingestion routes of entry into the body will encounter the mucosal immune system as the body’s first line of defense. The mucous membranes that line the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts are formidable in size, taking up 200x more real estate than the skin’s surface area. […]

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