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Health Benefits


Energy hungry muscles can benefit from nutritional support with AstaReal® Astaxanthin both before and after exercise.

  • Natural astaxanthin supports muscle recovery from exercise.
  • Natural astaxanthin supports healthy vitality.
  • Natural astaxanthin supports mitochondrial health.
  • Natural astaxanthin provides antioxidant support.
Dosage range

0.08 – 2.4 mg/kg

Where it is

skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, mitochondrial membranes.

How it works

Astaxanthin supports muscle recovery from exercise by depositing in muscle mitochondria to help to maintain blood glucose levels, promote fat utilization for energy, combat oxidative damage to muscle tissue as well as exercise-induced systemic inflammation.

Huskey-Pointer crossbred dogs who received a post-exercise natural astaxanthin recovery supplement returned to pre-exercise blood glucose levels faster than dogs who received no recovery supplement, and faster than dogs who received a protein and carbohydrate recovery supplement without astaxanthin. Astaxanthin supplemented dogs had no drop in blood glucose levels because astaxanthin promoted use of fat for energy, which gram for gram is a more efficient energy source.

Number of studies

2 canine studies

Over 10 human clinical studies

Over 160 studies in all

Open-source studies

Park JS, Kim HW, Mathison BD, Hayek MG, Massimino S, Reinhart GA, Chew BP. Astaxanthin uptake in domestic dogs and cats. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2010 Jun 21;7:52. doi: 10.1186/1743-7075-7-52. PMID: 20565958; PMCID: PMC2898833.

Contact the AstaReal team for information on additional studies.

Bulk product option

AstaReal® L10, AstaReal® Biomass.

Finished product options

Visit to find finished products containing AstaReal® Astaxanthin.

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