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2022 Winner of Nutra Ingredients Asia Award- Ingredient of the Year: Cognitive Function

From ingredients aimed at aging populations to solutions for office workers looking for a little extra help on the day job, our award for Cognitive Function Ingredient of the Year recognizes the best ingredients dedicated to supporting cognition, memory, alertness, and other cognitive processes.

“This ingredients benefits spanning a whole range of cognitive functions, including memory, mental fatigue and multitasking, coupled with sustained commercial success, were highlighted by our judging panel.”

AstaReal® Astaxanthin is nature’s strongest antioxidant. It’s 6000 times more potent than Vitamin C, 800 times stronger than CoQ10 and 110 times stronger than Vitamin E, all of which are commonly used antioxidant. Moreover AstaReal® Astaxanthin is the only antioxidant that can be considered as “pure antioxidant” as it doesn’t have a pro-oxidant action if under excessive oxidative stress. As a potent natural antioxidant, it can cross the blood brain barrier to deliver nutrients right where it matters the most, the brain.

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