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Taking the Best Care of Our Algae

An inside look at AstaReal’s proprietary indoor cultivation. The AstaReal production crew is suited up to protect the algal cultures against contamination, making sure they stay clean and healthy.

At AstaReal, we believe that when we take care of our algae, they take care of us by making more potent, cleaner, and longer-lasting natural astaxanthin.

Our USP dietary ingredient verified natural astaxanthin comes from non-GMO microalgae proudly grown in Moses Lake, Washington, USA. AstaReal has built a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Moses Lake, powered by renewable hydroelectric energy. The algae are grown in fully-enclosed indoor photobioreactors that nurture their growth and allow them to mature into astaxanthin-rich cells.

Unlike conventional outdoor cultivation, AstaReal’s proprietary indoor method reduces exposure to biological and chemical contaminants, and ensures consistent growing conditions in every season. Our HEPA filtered air and triple filtered water means that algae, like all good things, can take their time to produce a better-quality nutrient for better quality of life.

Indoor Batch Process for Highest Quality

Raising the bar for a clean and healthy natural astaxanthin. Preparing a rig to lift a stainless steel photobioreactor for a thorough cleaning after harvesting a premium batch of astaxanthin-producing Haematococcus pluvialis algae.

AstaReal uses a batch cultivation process, in which stainless steel cultivation tanks are thoroughly cleaned after each harvest. This helps ensure consistent algal productivity and high astaxanthin yields every time.

Conventional outdoor cultivation techniques using open raceway ponds are subject to variable algal growth conditions and are more vulnerable to environmental contamination. Outdoor closed tube cultivation systems depend on cleaning glass tubes spanning tens of acres of land in order to control biological contaminants. AstaReal has addressed these challenges by shifting to an innovative indoor cultivation method that has a small land footprint, allows for control of the algal growth environment, allows for effective equipment maintenance protocols, and optimizes harvest timing to capture only mature astaxanthin-rich algae.

AstaReal® Astaxanthin is made from Haematococcus pluvialis freshwater microalgae grown in our proprietary indoor manufacturing facility in Moses Lake, Washington.

The AstaReal Method

The Clean Start

AstaReal handpicks algal cells to prepare a fresh culture of healthy, quality cells for each batch.

The Green Phase

AstaReal grows algae into large, dense, green cultures in closed indoor photobioreactors. In this controlled environment, algae are supplied with filtered air, triple filtered water, quality nutrients and consistent lighting for superior growth conditions.

The Red Phase

When nutrients are limited and illumination is high, algae break down green chlorophyll and begin producing red astaxanthin. AstaReal’s precisely controlled indoor conditions allow algae to fully mature into cells rich in red astaxanthin without leftover green chlorophyll that negatively impacts astaxanthin purity & stability.

The Harvest

AstaReal harvests algal cells at peak astaxanthin content (>4.5%) and then washes in triple filtered water. Timing the harvest when algae have fully matured into the red phase is possible thanks to AstaReal’s consistent and protected indoor cultivation technique.

The Crush

To maximize astaxanthin oil accessibility for extraction, the cell walls of whole algae are crushed in a glass bead mill.

The Drying Process

Crushed whole algae rich in astaxanthin is dried and stored in oxygen-free, dark, and cold storage for freshness.

The Extraction

AstaReal uses a 100% solvent free method, called supercritical CO° extraction to isolate and concentrate AstaReal® Astaxanthin oil.

The Innovation

In addition to astaxanthin oil, AstaReal® whole algae can be used directly to make natural astaxanthin supplements since AstaReal consistently produces the highest astaxanthin concentration available. AstaReal also leads in natural astaxanthin product innovation and has a wide range of unique astaxanthin powdered products to suit any delivery method.

The Gold Standard Quality Control

AstaReal helped establish the industry standard for natural astaxanthin quality, recognized and certified by US Pharmacopeia (USP) through their verified dietary ingredient program. AstaReal® Astaxanthin is proudly made in the USA, and before it gets into your hands, it undergoes stringent quality control to ensure that you get the best astaxanthin quality, purity and stability on the market

Your AstaReal Advantage

AstaReal® Astaxanthin is the most studied brand of natural astaxanthin, supported by over 80 human clinical studies, and proven to support your health and your active lifestyle.

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