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Research Reveals AstaReal® Astaxanthin Fights DOMS

Astaxanthin has previously been shown to have benefits for endurance-trained athletes, but new research from Dr. Hunter Waldman’s lab at the University of North Alabama has now put astaxanthin to the test in resistance-trained athletes. This is the first-ever study demonstrating the benefits of astaxanthin for resistance-trained athletes, and the first interventional study showing that natural astaxanthin reduced exercise-induced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). This marks a leap forward in our understanding of astaxanthin as an antioxidant supplement for post-workout recovery.

The Study’s Impactful Conclusions

The study sheds light on the effects of AX supplementation on DOMS – and the findings are impressive. Subjects taking astaxanthin experienced:

  • A significant decrease in subjective markers of DOMS, reporting 58% less soreness 24 hours after exercise and 32% less at 48 hours post-exercise with AstaReal® astaxanthin (p=0.01).
  • An impressive 60% reduction in soreness at 24, 36, and 48 hours post-exercise on the VAS Soreness Scale (p=0.02).

In contrast, the placebo group didn’t show any significant effect on DOMS or soreness – a telling insight into the powerful influence of astaxanthin.

The Critical Role of Recovery in Sports Nutrition

Dr. Hunter Waldman, the principal investigator in this study, emphasized the importance of exercise recovery saying, “If you have two athletes, everything else is the same one athlete feels like they can get back in the gym faster… and they feel better recovered… it’s gonna be a better athlete.”

By significantly reducing subjective perceptions of muscle soreness without affecting performance, astaxanthin supplementation (AstaReal® Astaxanthin 12 mg/day) might just be the edge every athlete has been looking for. Consistency is key in training, and when you can return to your regimen without being hampered by soreness, the sky’s the limit.

More than Just for Athletes

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to reap the rewards. If you’re anyone looking to enhance your exercise recovery and take your fitness routine to the next level, astaxanthin’s benefits align with your ambitions. By potentially reducing the recovery time between workouts, astaxanthin can help maintain a consistent training program with less downtime.

Your grit and determination now have a companion in astaxanthin, helping you achieve fitness and healthy living goals.

Take That Step Towards Recovery

It’s essential to remember that no supplement can replace balanced nutrition, adequate rest, and proper training. But this study adds to existing evidence suggesting that astaxanthin can be a powerful tool in your post-workout regimen.

To hear more from both the researchers and participants in this DOMS study, check out this video interview.

The sports nutrition game is expanding, and astaxanthin is on the scene to support performance, sustained energy, and now help tackle DOMS and exercise recovery too. For next level post-workout supplement formulations, consider astaxanthin as part of your evidence-based approach to new product formulation in sports nutrition.

Karen Hecht

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