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Antioxidant Publications

woman on stationary bike wearing a heart monitor.

Cardiometabolic Benefits with AstaReal® Astaxanthin

New Study Shows AstaReal® Astaxanthin Can Help Kickstart an Exercise Program. A study led by Dr. Hunter Waldman at the University of North Alabama showed that supplementation with 12 mg/day AstaReal® Astaxanthin for 4 weeks lowered heart rate and carbohydrate oxidation levels in overweight individuals during exercise. Results of the 2017-2018 survey by the Division […]

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Immunomodulatory effect of astaxanthin on oral mucosal immunity

by Karen Hecht, Ph.D. Pathogens taking advantage of inhalation and ingestion routes of entry into the body will encounter the mucosal immune system as the body’s first line of defense. The mucous membranes that line the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts are formidable in size, taking up 200x more real estate than the skin’s surface area. […]

Blue eye looking up

Maintaining Healthy Intraocular Pressure with AstaReal® Astaxanthin

May 2019

There are three types of glaucoma: open angle, closed angle, and normal tension glaucoma. Of the 3 million Americans affected by glaucoma, 80% experience Open Angle Glaucoma. Aqueous humor is produced by the ciliary body at structures known as the ciliary processes. The aqueous humor circulates through the front of the eye to provide antioxidant […]

AstaReal® Astaxanthin – Nutrition for the Mind & Body.

January 2019

How nourishing your body and brain could keep you healthy through your golden years The number of Americans 65 years and older is expected to double to 92 million by 2060. As Americans age, many are seeking nutritional and lifestyle solutions to keep them physically active and mentally sharp. As early as the age of […]

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AstaReal® Astaxanthin for Muscle Endurance and Recovery

December 2018

AstaReal® Astaxanthin – a Key Player in Rising Sports Nutrition Market The global sports nutrition market is expected to reach approximately $44,000 M by 2021, with North America accounting for 40% of the market share. Protein supplements promote muscle strength, branched chain amino acids (BCAA) build muscle mass, and antioxidants reduce oxidative stress build up […]

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Heart Health and Benefits of AstaReal® Astaxanthin

July 2018

The Global Impact of Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. But early detection and management through proper nutrition and exercise makes CVD preventable. The role of nutrition is partially linked to consumption of dietary antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. Wang, X. et al. […]

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