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The Power of Astaxanthin: A Naturopathic Doctor’s Perspective

In the burgeoning field of integrative dermatology, healthcare practitioners are continually exploring innovative approaches to patient care. Among the array of natural substances making a significant impact is astaxanthin, a formidable antioxidant that has garnered attention for its potential benefits in skin health. Dr. Jessica Maloh N.D., an expert in integrative dermatology at Integrative Skin Science and Research, provides valuable insights into how astaxanthin can be effectively incorporated into dermatological practices.

Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Health

“Naturopathic medicine looks at the whole patient,” states Dr. Jessica Maloh, emphasizing the integrative approach that naturopathic doctors use to treat individuals. Contrary to conventional methods that often address symptoms, naturopathic practices seek to identify the root causes of skin issues by considering factors such as lifestyle, diet, and overall well-being.

The Collaborative Approach

The synergy between naturopathic doctors and dermatologists can lead to more robust patient outcomes. “Naturopathic doctors and dermatologists are more effective together,” Dr. Maloh remarks. When these professionals join forces, they combine traditional medical expertise with natural and alternative remedies, providing a comprehensive skincare regimen.

Oxidative Stress and Skin Appearance

Our skin is the frontline defender against environmental aggressors that can induce oxidative stress, leading to premature aging and various skin conditions. “We know that oxidative stress can affect skin health and skin appearance,” Dr. Maloh explains, shedding light on the importance of defending the skin against these harmful effects.

Dietary Antioxidants’ Role in Skin Health

Antioxidants play a pivotal role in neutralizing free radicals – the unstable molecules responsible for oxidative stress. “Antioxidants can … support our body in defending against free radicals and oxidative damage,” Dr. Maloh notes. By including potent antioxidants in the diet, one bolsters the skin’s capacity to cope with oxidative damage.

Clinical Backing and Effective Recommendations

“For me personally, I really like to have an evidence-based approach when I’m making recommendations to patients,” continues Dr. Maloh. “I think that’s one of the standout factors for using astaxanthin,” says Maloh, explaining that proven clinical research arms practitioners with the necessary data to advise patients confidently about incorporating astaxanthin into their skincare routine.

Branded Ingredients and Consumer Trust

Dr. Maloh points out the importance of branded ingredients in helping consumers evaluate product quality, stating, “one thing a consumer can do to make sure they’re selecting a product that’s going to be the best one for them is to look at the ingredients and to look at the label.” Transparency and clinical validation often accompany branded ingredients, making them a preferred choice for those seeking quality-assured supplements.


The integrative approach to dermatology, which values both conventional and naturopathic methods, is gaining traction due in part to the acknowledgment of naturally derived compounds like astaxanthin. Insights from professionals like Dr. Jessica Maloh enlighten healthcare providers and health enthusiasts alike to the profound impact that holistic care can have on skin health. With a solid grounding in clinical research and a collaborative mindset, the future of skin care looks as bright and promising as the effects of astaxanthin itself.

Incorporating this potent antioxidant into daily health regimens could be a revolutionary step for those seeking to maintain their skin’s health and vitality while combating the cyclic pressures of oxidative stress. The dialogue Dr. Maloh has opened paves the way for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the skin-nourishing benefits astaxanthin offers.

Karen Hecht

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